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Enrichment Programs

Kids at computers, desktops, COMPS CROPPED OUT,.jpgSchool Age

The YWCA School-Age program for youth ages 5 to 13 provides a wide range of enrichment opportunities including:

  • Urban Explorers, a program adapted for the Haverhill location from the YWCA’s Lawrence site and the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Youth Opportunities Program.  This program allows middle-school-age girls and boys the chance to explore the great outdoors – right in Haverhill!  Staff take kids through hikes within the city to develop outdoor skills.
  • Fun and interactive nutrition instruction, thanks to generous funding from the General Mills Foundation, that helps youth understand the importance of healthy eating, enjoy health snacks and help with food preparation. Information provided is shared with the entire family.
  • Tutoring and homework assistance provided by YWCA staff and volunteers help youth stay on top of their school work and improve school performance with a focus on literacy, math, science and social studies.