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Single Resident Occupancy Program (SRO)

Workshops Pg, Mujeras LatinasThe Single Residency Occupancy (SRO) program in Haverhill is a long-standing, permanent housing option for single women who have become homeless as a result of domestic, sexual violence, mental health issues, or substance abuse, and who do not have children living with them.

Our housing philosophy is all about safety and self-empowerment.  In our model, we focus on the core competency of Economic Empowerment so that residents have a chance to build up their lives further whether they stay at The Residence or eventually move on to private housing.

The program itself consists of 10-private bedrooms with residents having access to a shared kitchen and living room as well as multi-floor bathroom facilities.  Women living in this residence program are eligible to receive vocational training and counseling as well as guidance on available community resources based upon their individual needs.

For more information about the housing program in Haverhill, contact us at 978.374.6121.