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What We Do

At our Haverhill site, staff perform a myriad of community educational, training and outreach services.  Staff can offer presentations to students in a classroom and/or college setting as well offer training to adults in professional, business or community settings.  All educational, outreach and training sessions help our intended audience become more comfortable responding to and acting upon disclosures of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Our goal is to help empower community participants to become aware of how best to prevent future acts of violence in their own cities and towns across the North Shore.

Presentations may be chosen from our list of established topics, or we can work with you to create a unique learning opportunity tailored to your needs, experience, and areas of interest. For more information about our presentations or to customize a presentation for your group, contact us at 978.374.6121.

A Sampling of our Presentation Options:

  • Domestic Violence:
    This includes information about DV including how to recognize it and how to support a friend or colleague experiencing DV.
  • Sexual Assault:
    What to do after a sexual assault attack.
  • Trauma Informed Care:
    Within a strength-based framework that is grounded in an understanding of and responsiveness to the impact of trauma, we emphasize the physical, psychological, and emotional safety of survivors.   
  • Healthy Relationships
    Educate on the signs of both healthy and unhealthy relationships.
  • Consent and Boundaries
    Here we teach and educate on “informed consent” [explaining what this is] and how to establish good relationship boundaries.
  • Active Bystanding
    What is active bystanding and how can you help as a bystander.
  • Dating Violence
    Here we define what dating violence consists of and how to prevent it and recover from it.
  • Stalking
    How to recognize stalking behaviors and know if you’re being stalked, how best to prevent it, and the effects of stalking.
  • Self-Care
    Best ways in caring for yourself before and after trauma.  How to learn to be kind and patient with yourself during the healing process.

In all of our presentations we include information on medical and legal advocacy for survivors as well as further resources.

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Please Note:
Again, any of the presentations options can be tailored to your specific needs, or we can prepare a presentation on a topic pertinent to your group, community or school.