YWCA Northeastern Massachusetts – A Voice for Women and Girls


GEMS, 3 girls at tableGEMS, Girls Empowered Means Success, is designed for teen girls ages 14 and older.  We currently have over 15 teens in the program, which meets twice monthly.  We provide a safe, open environment that encourages participation from all members.

The members working with staff devised the core mission statement of the GEMS which is to educate and empower young women to achieve success and  joy, and to promote leadership.

While no topic is off-limits, the focus of GEMS discussions is on current issues relating to what’s happening in their communities, in their schools and in their homes. The meetings explore and educate on what it means to have healthy relationships, safe teen dating, how to prevent or handle bullying, and how to be responsible using social media.  Other areas of focus include life skills training, building self-confidence and learning to develop and demonstrate leadership skills. GEMS are active in the community through service volunteer projects to local nursing homes, town fares and they attend a variety of community-sponsored events.