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Haverhill Tribute to Women

H-Trib 2015, woman pinning corsage About YWCA Haverhill Tribute

Annually, YWCA Haverhill sponsors Tribute to Women, an uplifting event that includes an Academy of Women Reception and Honoree Awards Luncheon.  At the Luncheon, we honor a small group of women living and/or working in Essex County or Southern New Hampshire areas who have made outstanding contributions in their careers and communities.  Tribute speaks directly to our mission to empower women and eliminate racism.  In everything we do, we strive to give women – all women – the tools to overcome challenges, to become self-sufficient, to give back to their communities, and to realize their dreams.  Haverhill Tribute also serves as our  major fundraiser, helping to support more than 26 programs for women, children and families.

We are excited to have nominations for the Haverhill Tribute now open!  To make a nomination, please see Making a Nomination below, and click the link.

Haverhill Tribute Date & Location!

Tribute to Women
Thursday, October 27, 2016
DiBurros Function Hall
12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Making a Nomination

Nominations are now open and we will accept candidates until Wednesday, August 3rd.  Please note that we do have a limited number of spots available, so do be sure to submit your nomination early!  Please click here for the Nomination FormNote:  If needed, we will close Nominations before August 3rd if we reach our maximum candidate allotment. 

Sponsorship, Advertising & Guest Reservation Information

As Haverhill Tribute serves as our only annual fundraiser, there are several options available to you to support the event.  For the specifics, please see below:

Sponsorshipsplease select to view the options;

Advertising please select to view the options, including an In Memory or In Honor of ad;

Guest Reservationsplease select to view how you may purchase a table of 10, or make individual reservations.


Should you have any questions about Haverhill Tribute to Women, please contact Renee McGuire, or call her at 978.374.6121.