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YWCA Haverhill is part of the YWCA of Greater Lawrence, and is run by the same Executive Director.

Mary B. O'Brien Deputy Director

Mary B. O’Brien
Executive Director

Executive Director

Mary B. O’Brien, Executive Director
A former college assistant professor teaching English and Women’s Studies, Ms. O’Brien joined the YWCA in 1994. The agency underwent tremendous growth between 1994 and 1999, during which the budget and staff doubled and the facility space was renovated, reconstructed, and restored. During this time, Ms. O’Brien worked to expand the programs and services at the YWCA in the areas of housing, health advocacy, and victim’s services. Recently she served as the Chair of the YWCA New England Region Council, which is the governance body of the YWCAs in this region. Ms. O’Brien is responsible for the development, budgeting, funding, implementation, oversight, and management of Women’s Services, residential programs and YWCA services in the community, as well as for the management of YWCA Fina House. She served on the development team for the planning and construction of that facility.  Ms O’Brien is a graduate of Tufts University, Medford MA, with a Master of Arts Degree.

YWCA Haverhill Department Head

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